It takes creativity, ±40 pages of thoughtful design down to the smallest corner socket and working with real furniture that you can actually find in stores.

Apartment, home, company headquarters, restaurant or any other space… the design we create will reflect the mood, character and lifestyle of the people who live or work in that space. The home of a solitary programmer will look different from the home of a pet-loving entrepreneur. Even the light switches will be where it’s convenient for you, not the neighbor. You tell us what your business, preferences, tastes and lifestyle are, and we create a unique and original design.

Minimum 3 professional specialists involved in the project: one architect and two designers, including 3D designer. We develop detailed space plans, optimising the efficient use of every inch. The craftsmen will receive a detailed technical project to follow.

Photo realistic 3D renderings to allow clients to visualize what the final space will look like.

Post-project support. We’re always there for you, should you need a consultation throughout the repair work. And the project designer oversees the project at every stage.

Long-term investment. Statistically speaking, the cost of interior design comes to about 1-2% of the total amount invested in the building, labour, furniture and so on. Just imagine that the design will be prepared specifically for you as a custom sewn suit that increases the value of the property in the long run.

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